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The Wind in the Trees will be screening as part of the Shorts IV: Animation / Experimental program at the Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival on Sunday, March 9th at 12:00 in the main theater at the historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR. cameragirl

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The Rodwan Productions team wants to congratulate Octavia Spencer on receiving The Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress for her portrayal of Minny Jackson in the movie The Help.  Her hard work and talent are being rightfully acknowledged!

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In July the Rodwan Productions team relocated to Detroit, MI.  Since then we have been working nonstop on our new home and studio.  After laying in a new floor and setting up the equipment in the Garret Studio this past weekend work is finally resuming on The Wind in the Trees, the fifth installment of the Poetry in Pictures Series of short poetry-based films.

Still from The Wind in the Trees

The poem, of the same titles as the film, is from Charles Goodrich’s clever collection of poetry Going to Seed: Dispatches from the Garden (available at Powells.com).

Shortly after arriving at our new home the Detroit wind got into one of our 100 year old silver maples and and landed it upon our roof!

Wind in our tree!

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The Durango Independent Film Festival promotes media literacy by donating books, films and other education material to schools.  This year is the first time DIFF has included school programs as part of the festivities.  The DIFF Teachers Screening Committee selected films with unique viewpoints that lend themselves to engaging and intriguing discussions.  The school programs will be shown to high school and intermediate school students in Ignacio, and to elementary and middle school students in Durango.

Two Poetry In Pictures Series films will be featured in the DIFF school program.  Imperfect Armor and Incantation will be screened at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday,  March 3rd at Ignacio Intermediate School for 3-5 graders.   On Friday, March 4th Incantation will be screened at 10:00 and 10:55 a.m. at the Durango Arts center to 3-5 graders.  I am looking forward to talking with the students about film, poetry and art. The teachers of these students have been sent the poems and asked to discuss with the students their own ideas about images that they might use to illustrate the poetry.

Incantation, A Noiseless Patient Spider and Imperfect Armor have all been used in classrooms and at children’s film festivals and children’s museums to teach children about self expression through multiple forms of art.

Still from Incantation. Copyright © 2008 Rodwan Productions.

Still from Imperfect Armor. Copyright © 2010 Rodwan Productions.

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The first stage of the clay painting that will appear in The Wind in the Trees has been completed!  Snow is on its way.

Copyright (c) 2011 Rodwan Productions

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Rodwan Productions has secured the rights to include Charles Goodrich’s poem “The Wind in the Trees” from his collection of poems titled Going to Seed: Dispatches from the Garden to be the next film in the Poetry In Pictures Series.  Work is well under way on the film.  Nancy Rodwan is currently in the process of creating a clay painting that will animate a portion of the film.

Nancy Rodwan working on a clay painting. © 2011 Rodwan Productions

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