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The Wind in the Trees will be screening as part of the Shorts IV: Animation / Experimental program at the Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival on Sunday, March 9th at 12:00 in the main theater at the historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR. cameragirl


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Two films from my Poetry in Pictures Series, I learned today, will be distributed via Facets Kids, an online streaming service developed by the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and Facets, a national non-profit media organization. “A Noiseless Patient Spider” and “Imperfect Armor” were previously official selections of the Chicago International Film Festival and now will have wider distribution, a very welcome surprise for poetry-based short films!

“A Noiseless Patient Spider” is based on a poem by Walt Whitman and features the voice of singer/song writer Stuffy Shmitt. “Imperfect Armor” animates the work of John G. Rodwan, Jr.

Facets Kids is currently in final testing stages and will launch later this summer. Information about the project is at http://www.facets.org/kidstream

I’ll let everyone know when my short films are available for viewing.


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Nancy working on the set.

Pre-production work has begun on the Poetry In Pictures Series short film Crystal Stair with shadow puppets being created and set design and construction underway.  Next step: make the marionettes!

Crystal Stair is based on Langston Hughes’s 1922 poem “Mother to Son.”

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The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art will be screening three Poetry in Pictures Series films, Incantation, A Noiseless Patient Spider, and Imperfect Armor, as part of their summer Family Fun Program.  This year, the overall theme is “a family staycation,” so the focus is on places to visit or things to do in and around Memphis this summer.  One theme is Beale Street, and the films feature music and musicians.  Another highlights the great zoo in Memphis, and the films feature all kinds of wild animals.  The zoo day is when the museum will be screening Imperfect Armor.

Copyright (c) Rodwan Productions

Last year the Family Fun Program’s average attendance was 375 people per day!

From the museum:
“Every Wednesday in June and July, come get wacky at the Brooks! Children of all ages and their adult friends can drop into our Open Artworks Studio and create a variety of projects using many different materials. They can also watch a multitude of films made just for kids. Museum admission and all activities are free, so the whole community can experience the creativity and inspiration of both the visual arts and film. Sponsored by Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.”

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In July the Rodwan Productions team relocated to Detroit, MI.  Since then we have been working nonstop on our new home and studio.  After laying in a new floor and setting up the equipment in the Garret Studio this past weekend work is finally resuming on The Wind in the Trees, the fifth installment of the Poetry in Pictures Series of short poetry-based films.

Still from The Wind in the Trees

The poem, of the same titles as the film, is from Charles Goodrich’s clever collection of poetry Going to Seed: Dispatches from the Garden (available at Powells.com).

Shortly after arriving at our new home the Detroit wind got into one of our 100 year old silver maples and and landed it upon our roof!

Wind in our tree!

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The Poetry in Pictures Series short film LIFE will be screening on Friday, November 4th, 2011, at the Indie Memphis Film Festival!  The short film block  shares the same title as Edith Wharton’s poem as well as the film based on her verse.  The “Life” block starts at 6:45 pm at Studio on the Square and includes an intriguing list of films (to learn more about them click on the links below):
Short Films #1: Life
Life | Nancy Rodwan
It’s Natural to be Afraid | Justin Doherty
The Ninth Floor | Jordan Berger
5 Minutes Each | Vojin Vasovic
Mercury in Tuna | Kristen Shaeffer
Cat’s Cradle | Ray Rea
Be Still | Mark Allen Wilson
Broken Cycle | Clifton Archuleta

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I am very pleased to announce that for the third year in a row Indie Memphis is adding a Poetry In Pictures Series short film to their schedule!

Zeus Copyright (c) 2011 Rodwan Productions

LIFE will be screened during the 14th annual Indie Memphis Film Festival in early November.  More details to follow.

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