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The shortest film I have yet to make (11 seconds) is part of the Re-Making Moby-Dick project, “an international multimodal storytelling performance instigated and enacted over several months in 2013.” The short film involves John G. Rodwan, Jr., reading his poem “The Line” (inspired by chapter 60, also titled “The Line,” of Moby-Dick), which will be in the published text of the project, along with additional visual elements. The screening will be in a public location in Karlskrona, Sweden, during the Mixing Realities Digital Performance Festival in May 2013. The festival includes works by scholars, curators, and international artists working in multiple media (sound, video, augmented reality, digital and live performance, dance).

After the Mixing Realities Digital Performance Festival, Trish Harris and the rest of the Re-Making Moby-Dick team will  “re-purpose and re-contextualize the project artifacts, offering yet another ‘text’ published online and in print form that can be shared with a wider audience, along with the original work from the festival, as a further extension of the project.”


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