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Filming has begun on Crystal Stair!  Stop motion photography was used to capture a few of the shadow puppets that appear in the short film based on Langston Hughes’s peom “Mother to Son.” There are many more puppets to be created and filmed to complete the project.

Stop motion photography of shadow puppets.


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Join the Million Puppet March in Washington D.C. on November 3rd to show your support for funding of public broadcasting!


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Bill Harris’s unique poetry style in Booker T & Them: A Blues weaves a lyrical landscape of the Jim Crow area of American history by combining beautifully written verse, quotes from historical figures, sounds, the definition of words, song lyrics, scenes from film and let’s not leave out a skit from Abbott & Costello.  This book-length poem examines race in the early twentieth century in America and exposes the pain, strength and brilliance of the African American people who were (and are) struggling against ignorant, violent and cruel whites who tried everything to keep the Jim Crow laws alive.  Booker T & Them would make an excellent American history textbook.


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