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The Poetry in Pictures Series short film LIFE will be screening on Friday, November 4th, 2011, at the Indie Memphis Film Festival!  The short film block  shares the same title as Edith Wharton’s poem as well as the film based on her verse.  The “Life” block starts at 6:45 pm at Studio on the Square and includes an intriguing list of films (to learn more about them click on the links below):
Short Films #1: Life
Life | Nancy Rodwan
It’s Natural to be Afraid | Justin Doherty
The Ninth Floor | Jordan Berger
5 Minutes Each | Vojin Vasovic
Mercury in Tuna | Kristen Shaeffer
Cat’s Cradle | Ray Rea
Be Still | Mark Allen Wilson
Broken Cycle | Clifton Archuleta


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Before the spectacular performance at Puppet Art – Detroit Puppet Theater of the Russian folk tale “Firebird,” Igor Gozman, the Artistic Director of the theater, spoke with the audience about the rich and deep history of puppetry.  “Puppetry exists in all cultures everywhere in the world and puppetry presents the wisdom of traditions, the beauty of spirit and art of people.
It combines all other forms of art from the painting of sets, sculpting the puppets, sewing the clothes, drama, acting, music, story telling and literature.”  He went on to explain that in many cultures puppets were used to teach children valuable lessons as well as entertain.  Which is a tradition the theater upholds.  Included in the program is a list of books about the folktale and Russian fairy tales, history, poetry, science and nature, art and puppetry as well as a list of CDs relevant to “Firebird” that teachers and parents can take advantage of in educating their children in conjunction with seeing the play.  Puppet Art offers workshops after each performance where participants make puppets and learn how to manipulate them.

Nick Pobutsky, Jaclyn Strez, Dave Sanders and Andy Gaitens are masters of the craft of the puppeteer and kept the audience wrapped in the story of “Firebird” and transported us all to another world that included the underground dwelling of the menacing three headed Black Dragon.  Not until our hero, Ivan, saves his true love by outwitting the monster does the tension ease.

Puppet Art is planning to bring “The Snow Queen” to life in Detroit and are raising funds via Kickstarter.com  After witnessing the beauty and magic of “Firebird” I am looking forward to seeing the treasure they are going to create with Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale.

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