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The Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock started the Young Arkansas Artist Annual Exhibition in 1961 with hopes of inspiring learning and creative expression among all grade levels of the state’s school children.  The impressively high-caliber work recently on display in the 50th Annual Exhibition highlights what can be achieved when states do not abandon art education.

The natural talents of these students are clearly being nurtured and encouraged.   There were works by 9th graders hanging in the gallery that were technically and creatively superior to works I have seen done by much older artists.  There were several very thoughtful self-portraits that went beyound the physical and brought forth strong emotion and self-expression.  Many areas do not have art programs in the schools due to budget restraints.  They could learn something from Arkansas.


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The schedule for Singapore’s first international children’s film festival is now on line at the Big Eyes, Big Minds website (click here)Imperfect Armor  is part of the “Life in Small Bites” film block and will be playing:

Tuesday, 17 May at 3:30 – 4:35 PM

Saturday, 21 May at  1:45 – 2:45 PM

Sunday, 22 May at 1:45 – 2:45 PM

The festival has an incredible line up of films including the Oscar winning Best Animated Short film The Lost Thing directed by Andrew Ruhemann & Shaun Tan, and Oscar nominated animated short film The Gruffalo directed by Jakob Schuh & Max Lang.

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Imperfect Armor is scheduled to screen at this year’s Art Beat held at  Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus, in the Moriarty Arts and Humanities Auditorium. (Parking is free on the campus during Art Beat Week.)  John and I will be on hand Wednesday, May 11th for the screening and are looking forward to discussing the film and the poem on which the film is based during the Q&A session that will follow the short film block.

Art Beat short film schedule:
6:30pm – Experimental/Art Short Films block
“Quantum Dreaming”, Karen Landey
“Endommage”, Kevin Forrest
“Imperfect Armor”, Nancy J. Rodwan

6:50pm – Short Film: “James Vs. Reality”, Chris Wilson

7:00pm – Q&A with Short Filmmakers

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