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The Poetry In Pictures Series is proud to announce that both Incantation and Imperfect Armor have been accepted in to the Durango Independent Film Festival as part of their school program!  The festival will take place March 2-6, 2011 in beautiful Durango, Colorado.  More details to come about the festival and the school program.


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On December 4th at the University of Colorado I heard Kristen Jorden read her short story “Glossy Pages” that had just been published in the new edition of  Palimpsest: A Creative Journal of the Humanities, in which John’s essay “Second Generation Punks” also appears.  In Jorden’s story young Octavia finds an old camera in the trash and spends her day using her found treasure to capture, in both pictures and poetry, the world she lives in.  This world is not always pretty but she is able to see sunlight and “the opposite of grey” in a fragment of broken glass on the cracked sidewalk.   She photographs the glass and writes a poem about the setting.  Octavia ventures forth to continue taking pictures and writing poems to accompany the images for the coffee table book she plans to publish.   Jorden’s young character is full of joy, imagination and hope.  For me, hearing the author read “Glossy Pages” was the highlight of the event launching the 2010 edition of Palimpsest because the story illustrates the point of the Poetry In Pictures Series workshops which teach youngsters the same age as Jorden’s protagonist to use words and images in a combined effort to express their thoughts and feelings about themselves and the world they live in.

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