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Imperfect Armor is an official selection at the 2010 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival and is nominated for Best Animated Film.  On Thursday, November 4th at 6:00 Imperfect Armor will be screening at the Fleur Cinema and Café, 4545 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, Iowa.


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A Noiseless Patient Spider is a 2010 winner of the Gold Award in the animation category from the Oregon Film Awards!

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Once again Erik Jambor and his staff of incredible volunteers at Indie Memphis put together a perfect film festival!  We saw some incredible films including:

And Everything Is Going Fine, the documentary directed by Steven Soderbergh that chronicles the work of Spalding Gray.

Advance, an experimental film by Mitchell Rose that won the Best Experimental Film Award.

Tempo, a beautiful film by Robin Salant.

Git Along, Little Dogies, a creatively funny film addressing the way life changes once your breasts develop by Kate Lain.

God of Love directed by Luke Matheny won the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film.

Shoegazer by Amy Adrion was my personal favorite short film of the festival.

Nurse by Craig Leake won the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Documentary.

Snake Fever, directed by Wendy Greene, kept me on the edge of my seat and was my personal favorite short documentary.

Delmer Builds a Machine, directed by Landon Zakheim, was hysterical.

Death Wish by Chad Costen was a different kind of Christmas tale.

Pony Rides are for Girls, directed by David Silverman, was brilliant in its simplicity and humor.

A Magic Helmet by Gaetano Crupi Jr. & Richard Ruggiero was a wonderful story and beautifully shot.

There were many more great films showing at the festival. Unfortunately it was impossible to see them all.  We met a variety of talented folks and hope to return next year when Life, the fourth installment of Poetry In Pictures Series, is complete.

Robin Salant & Nancy Rodwan after their films were screened at Indie Memphis

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While I am finalizing the title sequence and credits for Life my mind is conjuring up images for the next film.  It is with great excitement that I announce the poem for the fifth installment of the Poetry In Pictures Series.  Charles Goodrich has graciously agreed to have “The Wind in the Trees” from his book Going to Seed: Dispatches from the Garden to be a Poetry in Pictures Series film.

So while I am trying to choose the perfect font for Life I also have animated watercolors and shadow puppets dancing in my mind to the tune of Charles verse.

Nancy and Charles Goodrich at Wordstock 2010



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Imperfect Armor will be screening at Indie Memphis as part of their Short Film Block #2 on Saturday, October 23rd at 1:45 pm at Studio On the Square.  The incredible line up of short films in the block includes:

2 min. / Mitchell Rose
One dance. Two minutes. Forty locations.


5 min. / directed by R. Salant
Lush images accompanied by a hypnotic soundtrack visit three situations, observing in each a different rhythm – heartbeat – breath, passage of time – cycle – life.

It Stays Growing

Imperfect Armor
3 min. / directed by Nancy Rodwan
Time spent as a herd of one.

DemiUrge Emesis
3 min. / directed by Aurelio Voltaire
A mummified cat is tormented by the skeletons of past meals. Narrated by Danny Elfman.

Git Along, Little Dogies
9 min. / directed by Kate Lain
It ain’t easy having breasts (especially if you’re in love with physics and potato launchers).

15 min. / directed by Daniel Trevino
A withdrawn boy goes on a camping trip and becomes interested with a confident gender-bending girl named Sam. When she forces him to question his true feelings towards her, he must now confront his own insecurities before he can accept Sam and himself.

6 min. / directed by B. Siler
A young woman encounters depression upon moving to Memphis.

18 min. / directed by Amy Adrion
What happens when a bartender on a mission to find her cheating boyfriend gets stuck driving a drunk high-schooler home? Trans Am, emergency room, strip club, showdown, vomit, sunrise. Yeah.

God of Love
18 min. / directed by Luke Matheny
A lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion finds his prayers are answered – literally.

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On Tuesday, October 5th at 7:25 pm Imperfect Armor will have its debut screening at the Kansas International Film Festival at Glenwood Arts.  The Los Angeles International Film Festival is showing the film on Thursday, October 7th at 7:30 as part of the opening night festivities at Beyond Baroque Theater in Venice, and during the weekend the Carmel Art & Film Festival is playing Imperfect Armor three times, Saturday, October 9th at 12:00 at the Carmel Youth Center Theatre, Sunday, October 10th at 10:00 am at the Golden Bough Theatre, and again at 8:00 pm at the Carmel Youth Center Theatre.

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