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Rodwan Productions is truly excited that Imperfect Armor will be screening at the 13th annual Indie Memphis Film Festival!  In 2009 Movie Maker Magazine named it one of the top 25 coolest festivals and I have to say they are right.   A Noiseless Patient Spider screened at Indie Memphis last year with Stingray Sam and I am So Proud of You.  We have never had more fun attending a festival.  The executive director, Erik Jambor, and the rest of the staff and volunteers did an amazing job.  One of our favorite aspects of the festival last year was arriving to the screenings early to be entertained by local musicians in the theater.  We can not wait to see what they have in store this year!

Director Nancy J. Rodwan at Indie Memphis in 2009


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Imperfect Armor is part of the opening night screenings at the Los Angeles International Film Festival on Thursday, October 7th at the Beyond Baroque Theater in Venice, CA.  The festival awarded John G. Rodwan, Jr. with the  Best Performance in an Experimental Film and gave the film an horonable mention in the same catagory. 

Imperfect Armor will be showing at 7:30 along with the following films:

“The Lift” (Animated Film)

“Kenja No Okurimono (The Gift of the Magi)” (Animated Film)

“Azureus Rising” (Animated Film)

“The Vagrant of Ephemera” (Experimental Film)

“Imperfect Armor” (Experimental Film)

“Sunset To Sunset” (Experimental Film)

“Alison” (Feature Film)

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Dig Recording is a fabulous recording studio in downtown Portland.  On Monday, September 13th, the Rodwan Productions team met up with actress Cheri Stuller at the studio to record the voice over for Life.  The atmosphere is relaxing, with dim lighting and comfortable furnishing. The owner, Mark Kaeder, was welcoming with his professional manner and sly sense of humor.   In an hour we recorded 17 takes of the poem.  The big task ahead of me now is choosing which one to use.  Cheri worked hard on this project and really dove into the poem.   There are so many good takes from our session at Dig Recording.  Each one with its subtle differences but all fitting for the visuals.  Cheri’s dedication and talent are a true asset to the film.

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